QQQ 40 Update! Welcome email has arrived!

So, I don’t know about the rest of you but I have been anxiously awaiting word from the QQQ 40 hosting team about the ins and outs of this years exciting race.  Just today I received the welcome email!  Yah!  So here is the message that was sent out in case you missed it.  I have also posted the list of items that you will need for this years QQQ on the QQQ 40 faqs page so check it out. 

Hello Everyone, 

Consider this your official welcome letter to the 40th anniversary of the QQQ!!!  We’re very excited about this year’s Q and we hope you are too.  Let me start off by saying thank you to all of you guys for participating this year.  We had no idea so much work was involved, but as long as you guys have a great time we’ll consider it all well worth it.  Just as a reminder the QQQ will start promptly at 9:00AM June 25th so you should probably get there a little early. (Although I’m sure I don’t need to tell you all that)  

The pavilion is on the left hand side, by the main building, in Rockwood Reservation.  You should have no problem finding us.  

Lunch will be served at the conclusion of the race but you will need to bring your own drinks.  Please remember to obey all posted speed limit signs.  You will not have to enter any businesses for your clues so please be considerate of the people and places that you stop at along the way. 

 And now the important stuff.

You will need the following items in order to complete this year’s QQQ: 

Deck of cards

Street guide

Glue stick

5 Rubber bands

8 Ct. box of Crayola Crayons



June 2nd edition of the Riverfront Times




4 Thumb tacks






A whole lot of energy.

Please reply to this email with a simple message so that we know all of the teams have this information.   

Again, thank you so much for participating this year we hope you guys really enjoy yourselves.  We’ll be ready rain or shine so get your items and your team members and meet us on the 25th.


2011 QQQ Host Team



Hmm… anyone translate the message at the end! OMG I’m so in need of practice! LOL


2 responses to “QQQ 40 Update! Welcome email has arrived!

  1. Worst QQQ ever in history!! It was an aboniation and an embarressment for anyone related to the QQQ. I would like to apologize to any new people that showed up and shelled out an outrageous price just to be forced to be disqualified.

  2. This was our first year and we absolutely enjoyed ourselves. The only part that wasn’t pleasant was all the complaining at the end of the day. That coupled with the rants on here today – that is what is making us question participating next year…

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