New Format – what do you think??

OK, so the previous post by a concerned QQQMember was a bit controversial I’ll admit.  But I want to be sure that everyone got through the ranting part and actually read the idea that was created because of all that frustration.  I have personally felt that the QQQ has been getting dangerous.  And I understand it – everyone wants to win, it’s exciting and if you can go just a little bit faster you’ll have an edge at winning, right?  Normally there’s more solving and the distances are fairly short so we overlook it, but this year the distance was pretty large, road rage on a busy street fueled the fires a little bit and I believe that it could very well be a recipe for disaster in future QQQs. 

So what can be done?  Take time out all together.  Make it a non-issue by restructuring the way that we score the QQQ.  It’s always been about the time – but really I think the original purpose was to show the first place team’s superior brain power at solving the clues the fastest and knowing how to navigate the roads better (in the days before we all have road-mates in our cars… come on, we all know we used them on Saturday  😉  ), not speeding to get there.  So why not go back to the roots?

Lets say that the QQQ would be the same.  You have a series of clues that lead to the locations you need to get to.  But let’s say you get a few points deducted for opening the secondary and give away clues and a clean slate for figuring out the clue without help.  We can say that everyone should only give themselves a certain amount of time to solve it and make the deduction low enough that people will relinquish those few points more easily to get to the next location.   You get there and at the location is the challenge (I don’t know about you but I thought the challenges were fun this year!) where you earn points.  May the team with the most points at the end win.  Done.  Ties should be broken at lunch with some sort of throw-down type challenge.  Everyone gets to participate – infact since everyone should be able to get out at each location for a bit we’ll all get to enjoy each others company more as well! – , you still get the same QQQ we all know and love (yes QQQ, I really believe that we all still love you!!!!) and we remove the need for speed (sorry, watched a Tom Cruise movie last night…). 

So, what do you think?  The last post had some comments and I’d like to see some here as well.  No more ranting and raving – just an open discussion about our little amazing race.  Do you want to keep the time in there?  Or would you be OK with letting in go in place of a QQQ sans drag racing?



One response to “New Format – what do you think??

  1. I think another way to keep the time challenge part is to time stamp. The runners time the shortest and fastest routes. If a team makes it there faster than it should then impose a steeper time penalty than if the team were to open a secondary clue. Just a suggestion…

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