So What IS the QQQ You Say?

Have you ever watched one of those great old movies where the college kids have a massive scavenger hunt around the whole city complete with wacky adventures, games, hidden clues and countless laughs? Well this is just that – St. Louis’ best and most massive scavenger hunt for people of all ages! Get your friends and family together for this exciting event full of games, trivia and of course lunch. Working your brain is cause for an appetite too!

Events of the Day

The day will typically go something like this:

  • Arrive at your starting location with whatever materials you’ve been notified to bring in hand – pen, whistle, flashlight, stopwatch, etc.
  • Check your team in and receive your starting packet. Be sure to not open any materials unless you’ve been given the ok either in writing or by a QQQ volunteer (we’ll all have matching T-shirts!).
  • Listen to general announcements (be sure to listen for possible hidden clues!!) and the games begin!
  • This is where the game varies. You could have activities to complete here, or the next stop, or all your stops… Everywhere you go you will be given a solvable (we promise it can be done!!) clue that will lead you to your next destination. Time counts so be quick (but there are NO extra points for getting a ticket or running down pedestrians on the way so please, follow the rules of the road!!) to get there first!
  • Complete your list of tasks and all clues and return to the starting location for lunch and to find out who the winner of this year’s QQQ will be!


Rules of the Game

Basic rules are essentially the same from year to year. Teams are expected to follow the clues in order and are assessed time penalties for skipping clues, for opening secondary clues, or for calling for solutions to clues. Teams are expected to observe all laws, including speed limits, and have a safe, fun day. Teams generally are not to enter places of business unless specifically instructed in their primary clue and are definitely not to obstruct or interfere with normal business operations. (Community good will is a valuable asset for the QQQ.)

However, there are some variations in rules, for instance how much time a team is penalized for opening secondary clues, etc. For this reason, each team should review the rules provided prior to the race.

And the Winner IS…

And of course, the all important topic of who wins the infamous title of the 1st place QQQ team (hold your applause please!). The biggest part of the point total is, in every QQQ, time. The team that makes it back to the starting location first having made all the appropriate stops is in a great position to win. However there are a series of extra points that you can earn throughout the QQQ that can help boost your points despite a slower time. How the points are totaled changes with every QQQ, so again refer back to QQQ40 FAQs to find out how the points will be awarded this year and plan your strategy accordingly!

Finally, should you win the QQQ, you’ll not only receive riches beyond your belief (please note the sarcasm there, we really aren’t going to make you that rich!), but you will also have the esteemed opportunity to host the next years QQQ!!! If you have already won the QQQ in the past and have hosted, then you may pass the honor to the second place team and so on. So remember that with power comes great responsibility!!


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