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QQQ – the Great St. Louis Road Rally is everywhere!

So I was doing some last minute advertising – I’d listed the event in a few places but I wanted to be sure I didn’t miss anything – only to find that we’re everywhere!! All but 1 of the major St. Louis events sites already has a listing for the QQQ!! I’m soooo excited!!

If you’re particularly feeling the love, feel free to log into any of the St. Louis events calendars that you find our listing and write a rave review of our awesome, death-defying race. 😉 Ok, not so death-defying… but exciting just the same!!

Here’s a couple of the listings I’d found:

Should you find a place that doesn’t have a QQQ listing let me know!! 🙂


Announcing the creation of the blog! Go QQQ St. Louis!

OK, so we’ve experienced some technical difficulties with I’ll admit it… GoDaddy isn’t perfect. 😉 As it turns out though this may infact be a blessing in disguise. Now you can sign up and get immediate updates from the current QQQ team (click on the subsciption signup on the sidebar to your right… go ahead… I’ll wait a moment while you signup…). And as the years go by this blog can be maintained and passed on with each new hosting team. No worries about domain names, hosting, actually getting a technical person to make the html updates… 😉 And absolutely no added cost – which means more money alloted for prizes. And lets all be honest, that’s quite a bonus.