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QQQ 2012 is about to become official!!

Yep, you have read the title correctly.  I’ve just received word from the hosting team that QQQ 2012 is on!!  You can look forward to getting your official invitations in the coming weeks, but in the meantime you may want to keep Saturday October 27th, 2012 open from 8:30am until, well, whenever.  🙂   It also seems that the hosting team is going techy with a Facebook Group –  – which you can join to get all the latest information straight from the hosting team themselves.  I’ll keep everyone here posted as well.  😉


Wanted – QQQ 2012 Information

I just received an email today asking if I knew anything for the QQQ of 2012 and I had to truthfully answer no.  I really don’t know what is going on for the next QQQ yet.  So in an effort to make sure everyone has all the updates I’m looking to you for information.

What, our undying gratitude isn’t enough?  OK, then I promise to update this blog with the information for everyone.  Alright and remind everyone before the big day as well.  😉

Are you QQQing this year?

Need some daily Brain-ercise?

So I was thinking that maybe I needed to be brushing up on my trivia – with four kids running around I’m constantly on Elmo-mode. So I decided to go on a little search for brain teaser sites to get some brain-ercise. I found this site – – and it has tons of brain games, teasers and trivia to explore. Best of all they have a feature to create your own tournament! While I like training my brain and as much as I would like the advantage, I thought some of you might also want to brush up before the big QQQ day! Check it out! You can login and create a tournament for your own team and see who’s who when it comes to trivia on your team. 😉

Less than 1 week!! Do you know where your QQQ race will be?

That’s right! The QQQ is in less than 1 week! That means it’s time to mapquest the location, get directions, prepare your cars for all the race necessities, and exercise your minds for countless games. Oh, did you forget what you needed to bring to this year’s QQQ? Misplace your invitation and cannot load our invite online? Let me refresh your memory:

*current AT&T phonebook
*magnifying glass
*County Map/Street Guide

Feel to bring other items not listed that you think might help you. Compass, army gear, water bottles to keep yourselves hydrated on your journey… It’s up to you.

Remember registration starts at 9:30am at the pavilion so plan your morning accordingly! 😉 We’ll see you on Saturday!!