Less than 1 week!! Do you know where your QQQ race will be?

That’s right! The QQQ is in less than 1 week! That means it’s time to mapquest the location, get directions, prepare your cars for all the race necessities, and exercise your minds for countless games. Oh, did you forget what you needed to bring to this year’s QQQ? Misplace your invitation and cannot load our invite online? Let me refresh your memory:

*current AT&T phonebook
*magnifying glass
*County Map/Street Guide

Feel to bring other items not listed that you think might help you. Compass, army gear, water bottles to keep yourselves hydrated on your journey… It’s up to you.

Remember registration starts at 9:30am at the pavilion so plan your morning accordingly! 😉 We’ll see you on Saturday!!


Extended time to turn in your signup sheets!

Yes. It is official. The QQQ race is in less than 2 weeks. The turn in date has past just yesterday. Did you miss it? Not to panic just yet. You can still sign up this week until Monday the 26th. Send in your signup sheets today by mail or you can even signup until Monday by using our EventBrite online ticket purchases system at – http://qqqstl2010.eventbrite.com/ . Please do not forget to also email me with your team cell phone number so that we can contact you on race day if necessary.

And if you have any questions at all let us know by giving us a call or email!! Check out our QQQ 2010 FAQs for our contact info or send a message via our contact page. 🙂

We can’t wait to see you all there!!!

QQQ 2010 is THIS month!

Just FYI – your friendly QQQ 2010 team would like to remind you that our amazing, wonderful, facinating and incredibly exciting road rally will begin officially at 10am… this month!! Not that we’re excited or anything… 😉 Just thought we’d let everyone know.

QQQ – the Great St. Louis Road Rally is everywhere!

So I was doing some last minute advertising – I’d listed the event in a few places but I wanted to be sure I didn’t miss anything – only to find that we’re everywhere!! All but 1 of the major St. Louis events sites already has a listing for the QQQ!! I’m soooo excited!!

If you’re particularly feeling the love, feel free to log into any of the St. Louis events calendars that you find our listing and write a rave review of our awesome, death-defying race. 😉 Ok, not so death-defying… but exciting just the same!!

Here’s a couple of the listings I’d found:

Should you find a place that doesn’t have a QQQ listing let me know!! 🙂

Turn In Date

Seems that when the invitations were created the line that said when then forms where due back didn’t make the final cut!!  Oh no!!  Well, problem partially solved by getting the word out now!  😉 

Please have all forms turned in by July 17th so that we can inform the caterer how many people will be eating on race day!  And – since not everybody knows about our blog – spread the word!  Send emails to everyone you know that enjoys QQQ and may want to attend!  Remember, even if they did not receive an invitation this year they can still download the invitation, print it and mail it back in.  The invitation can be found in our previous post or on our 2010 FAQs page.

QQQ 2010 Details are available!!

That’s right!  All the details are officially in!  You can go to the QQQ Faqs page found right here on our blog or you can choose to view the invitation itself right here – QQQ 2010 Invitation .

The invitations will be mailed out to everyone on the current mailing list this week.  If you are not sure if you are on the mailing list, or if you would like to be added please send me an email and let me know!!

Thanks!!!  I can’t wait to see you all in July!
Katie – QQQ 2010 Team Member

Almost there!

Well this QQQ is really starting to come together!  Keep an eye out soon for the official invitations to make their way to your doorsteps!! 😉  I’ll keep you posted!